Create new notes with automatic copy of the title (zettel + string) at the head of the note

Hi obsidians, I’m a new obsidian user, but I have little programming knowledge. Please remember this in your answers.

I would like to create new notes with the title composed of (ID zettelkastel + alphanumeric string, automatically copied to the head of the note in H1 format.

I am now using the core plugin to generate the zettelkastel prefix, but I get partial automatism. The prefix Zettel appears in the title field and at the head of the note in H1, but to complete the procedure I have to type the missing part twice or copy and paste. I have to insert the text string following the Zettel prefix twice, first in the title field, then at the top of the note, after the zettelkastel prefix.

How can I complete the part of the title after the prefix zettelkastel in a single step (I type in the field dedicated to the title and the sequence typed is automatically copied at the head of the note; after the prefix zettelkastel that already appears at the head of the note.

To understand you fully, am I correct in assuming that:

  • your note title is like this:
123456789 Sixty9
  • your H1 header looks like this:
# 123456789

and you’d like your header to also include the Sixty9 part?

Current situation. The plugin included in Obsidian (Zettelkasten) allows you to create a new template based note.

The tempalte contains:# {{title}} ^Top

^Top is used for back to top button

The result generated is the following: a new note with id zettel (202005102012) as title, printed on the spine of the note (I use the sliding panes plugin) and in the note header with H1 formatting.
To complete the note title, I need to add the note subject to the zettel ID, example “This is a test note”. So the full title will be “202005102012 - This is a test note”.

To complete the assignment of the note title (zettel + string) I have to repeat this process in two positions, the back and the head H1.

What I would like to achieve.

Enter the title completion only once, example in the header and find it copied in the header (H1), as is the case with the prefix zettel.

Sorry for my inglish

Use the Filename Heading Sync plugin.

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