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Things I have tried

I have searched on this forum and google but my brain does not seem to get it.

So what I am trying to achieve is, when I am reading a paper, in the annotations I can mention a topic within [[ ]], when I import in OB it gives an option for me to create a new note with that title.

What I am trying to find is a way to create a new linked note inside a note I am writing. for example, when i am taking notes on a paper and I have a branching idea then I want to start a new note, which is automatically linked to the current note.

So, is there any such option? something like [[Branching idea / content of the idea]] doing that should create the new note with the branching idea as the title and the content and make a link to that note.

Sorry if I am too verbose.

Thanks a lot in advance

What I’m trying to do

Could you be more precise? Where do you read a paper, what do you mean by “import”?

When you are writing something in obsidian, every word or phrase entangled in [[ ... ]] creates a link to a new note. The note is actually created as soon as you click the link.

In case you are talking about quickly adding new note contents without being distracted too much from the note you’re currently writing on, try the QuickAdd Plugin.

Hi. thanks a lot for checking the post. So I am using the Highlights app or a PDF reader to read a research paper in PDF. I highlight something and make annotations/notes. What I do now, is I import the annotations with Zotero and then export them to .md to Obsidian. So far the flow is fine.

Currently, I note down a thought and then I am asking myself a question in that thought, then I usually do it with a [[ Question ]] and then I put down my thought. When I import into OB, the imported text becomes the [[Question]] and text.

This current post is an idea I wanted to know if it would work. Say for example, I write in the notes on the PDF reader, [[Question and content]] or something similar with a separator between the question (title) and the content (body). then when I import there would only be the main idea note with the [[ question ]] as a backlink to a note with the content I specified while entering the thought. The exact destination where at the note is does not matter to at this point.

and thanks a lot for the QuickAdd plugin, did not know about that.

OK, I got it. But I think what you are trying to do isn’t possible.

The most comfortable approach to your use case that comes to my mind would be the following:

When you take notes on your own ideas that shall become an independent note in the end, chose a heading level exclusively dedicated for this. In your annotations, write for example:

#### My great idea

These are my remarks on what I have just been reading...

After exporting your complete annotations to obsidian, use the “Extract” function of obsidian’s own Note Composer Plugin. Select your comment including the heading, press the respective hotkey (one you have defined before in the settings) and a new note will be created with the title “My great idea” (your h4 or whatever heading…) and your remarks as its contents. In your annotations document, a direct link to your new note will be created. This should take you a maximum of 5 seconds per note…

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Thanks so much! I was able to follow your direction and create a note from extracting the information. I think for now it works. Though I have to make a back link to the main paper from the new note manually. I find this actually a positive thing as it forced me to think at a later stage when I go through my notes.

Thanks again!

You can actually configure QuickAdd to do exactly this automatically. If you use obsidian’s note composer, you can still rely on the backlinks pane to see where your new note is linked from…

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