Create new note with Dataview inline field that links back to current note

In my template for my permanent notes, I’ve an inline field literature note:: which I want to link to the literature note that inspired the permanent note.

Is there away to create a template that can be invoked when I have a literature note active and that automatically inserts a backlink in the newly created note?

If I’m viewing a literature and creates a new permanent node, I want literature note:: [[a literature note]] added to it.

Are you using the core template plugin, or the Templater plugin?

With the latter, you have the tp.config.active_file which holds the file you came from when triggering the template.

I don’t think you can do something similar with the core templates plugin. (That is unless you start fiddling about but with some inline dataview query, and checking for last active file, or something like that)

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Thanks! Seems like exactly what I need!

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