Create new note in same editor window tab in 0.16

Things I have tried

Pressed Cmd-N (which used to work in 0.15.9), looked at the help forum here and nobody else has mentioned it yet, looked at the online documentation.

What I’m trying to do

I want to make Cmd-N create a new note in the same editor tab, like it used to do in 0.15.9, rather than open a new tab in the editor window for the new note.

The reason is that when the new note opens in another tab in the same editor window, all my linked panes, for Outgoing Links and Backlinks, do not update to focus on the new note I have just created.

To half-answer my own question here:

The panes for Outgoing Links and Backlinks have a little “unlink” icon on their tab. Click this to unlink the tab, and it seems to default to following the active editor pane.

However, this doesn’t stop the editor window being cluttered with dozens of new tabs as I’m creating lots of notes, so a way to create a new note in the existing editor window (like it used to be in 0.15.9) would still be very welcome.

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