Create new note from within Canvas

The new Canvas mode is incredible. I am going to make so much use out of it for mind-mapping ideas. However, one hurdle that I foresee is that we cannot create a new note directly in the canvas.

It appears that we can only

  • add existing notes
  • create a canvas-specific card
  • right click on a card and convert it to a note

It would be great if we could skip that conversion step and just create a new note with one click.

On a related note, I think that it should say “Convert to Note” rather than “Convert to File”.

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you can create a note. just click add note, write the title, and if the note doesn’t exist it’ll be created. I guess we should add shift-enter like in quick-switcher.


Thanks. That doesn’t seem to work for me though - it tries to find the existing note and if it doesn’t exist, it just inserts whatever was the top match. Perhaps the default behaviour (if you haven’t scrolled the list) should be add new note? Or, as you say, Shift+Enter to create new note regardless of what is selected in the autocomplete list?

shift enter will be added in 1.1.1 or 1.1.2


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