Create files for ALL Page Links in Note (Or other method)

Faster way of creating pages?

I’ve watched a ton of vids and read various articles, and I’m understanding that at the moment, pages are not automatically created when you [[ ]] like in Roam. You have to cmd-click or change modes and click. Either way, it opens up that page and I then have to go back, find the next link (sometimes losing my place if there are a lot), and then go through the whole doc. Is there a way to quicker way do create all pages, or a selection?

It’s really time consuming the way it’s set up, though maybe I’m just not aware of how to do it right.


Why do you want to do that in the first place?

well with Roam, page creation is automatic. I kind of like the idea of potential pages until they’re clicked, but sometimes I’m working a doc in which I actually want to create the pages as I go, or all at the end. But doing it one by one, having to go back each time, is time consuming.

Wouldn’t pages be “created” in Roam when you click on them? Before that you don’t really see them. Why do you want to create empty pages? What I mean to say is, do you have a use for them?

In roam, the pages are created immediately, even before you click on them.
I don’t necessarily need them created all the time, but when I do need say 10, or more created, I have to do it one by one. Wishing there was a way to select all… Also w/ un-referenced links in Roam, you can “link all” in one go.

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When you want to create those 10 pages, what do you do with them? I suspect that you want to add content there, and that would work similar to roam where you’d have to click on them to add some content.

If you don’t want to add content, what is the purpose of creating empty files? Genuinely asking so I can understand what you’re trying to do and see if I can suggest something that helps.

I def. want to put content there, but it’s easier if the pages are already created and I can copy paste into tabbed windows, or even just start to see the physical structure in the pane or in the graph… it’s helpful to see the list of files as they may be created in a very long doc and just want to pull out a number of topics. when you have 100 potential pages and you need to pull 10, it’s good to see them created even before I start filling them out.

I think the Ob way is better then Roam way for me. The pages have not been created can be shown in different color by custom css, which can remind me to put some content to those pages.

For adding content, regardless of whether the page exists or not, in both Obsidian and roam you’d have to do the same: Click on the link and type.

For the structure of the graph, it doesn’t matter if the pages don’t exist, they show up there, and they actually have an important distinction: Uncreated notes can be styled differently. If you have empty files, they will look exactly like any other node. Non-created files (or nodes) actually tell you visually that those pages don’t have content (because they don’t exist!).

You only need those 10 when you actually plan to add content there, and as I said above, to do so you’d do exactly the same in Obsidian and Roam: click on them.