Create Dataview LIST of the current file metadata?

Things I have tried

I have tried to make a table instead of a list but did not like the “table-look”. I have tried with different values from different sites and from youtubevideos.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to make a dataview LIST of metadata from the current file.
Sorry, the text is in Norwegian but I hope you still can see what I mean with this

This is my metadata at the top:

Tags: emner høst22 skole template læringsutbytte
Emnekode: MAVIT4050
Poeng: 15 stp
Arbeidskrav: 10.Okt 2022
Eksamen: 15. Nov 2022
Semester: Høst 2022
Universitet: OsloMet
Alias: Emne
Dato: [[2022-10-18]]

Is it possible to make a list in a list (sort of), that can show some of that in a list? f.eksample these names and values in a list.

Tags: #emner #høst22 #skole #læringsutbytte
Emnekode: MAVIT4050
Poeng: 15 stp
Semester: Høst 2022
Universitet: OsloMet

Or if I try to make it less personal:

Tags: #tag1 #tag2
Field1: Value1
Field2: Value2
Field3: Value2

If you’re using fields in frontmatter, then you can use something like this:


(enable js queries in settings > dataview)

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Other question is: “I have some metadata in frontmatter but I want other metadata “visible” in the main content”. For that you can use dataview inline fields (pair field:: value).
For example

alias: Emne
dato: [[2022-10-18]]

## my data

#emner #høst22 #skole #læringsutbytte
Emnekode:: MAVIT4050
Poeng:: 15 stp
Semester:: Høst 2022
Universitet:: OsloMet

## Other things
Today, blah, blah...

inline fields are a specific feature of dataview, using “::” instead of “:” as in yaml frontmatter.

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