Create daily note for next day (and i.a. skip weekend)

Use case or problem

When planning for tomorrow, I want to create a daily note for tomorrow. For example, I want to write my tomorrows tasks there or write down what I want to say in one of tomorrows meetings.

Proposed solution

Add a command and shortcut to create a daily note for tomorrow. There should be an option (in the settings) to skip the weekend, i.e. create a daily note for Monday when today is Friday.

Current workaround (optional)

I am using the obsidian-tomorrows-daily-note community plugin. It does not have the option to skip the weekend.



  • The Calendar plugin lets you create daily notes for any day.

  • Periodic Notes has a date switcher — I don’t know if it can be made to skip the weekend (it uses the Natural Language Dates plugin), so maybe check there). It also has a little weekly calendar you can add, but I’m guessing it only shows the calendar week which might not help.