Create complex tabels in Obsidian

I`m new to Obsidian and not that used to the syntax for creating tabels, I figuered out how to create basic tables but now I am stuck with creating a table like this in Obsidian:

Can someone tell me how I can create a table like that?


+1 it would be super helpful if i could throw together something like this for creating use-case matrix tables, even more helpful would be understanding how to take that first column (with all the percentages in it) and turn it into one big (tall) cell.

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Yes, for now, you are limited to markdown tables. More complex tables would be a future plugin.

Is it actually planned or is that just an Idea?

It is dependent on the plugin API coming out, which is expected soon, and then someone voluntarily building the plugin. This is a feature that is unlikely to be core to the app because it is beyond markdown.

What might be more likely (but still a plugin) is a way to embed MS Excel and Google Sheets into Obsidian notes. Your screenshot looks like Excel.

It is indeed excel, that’s what I use in university for statics.
Thank you for your answer! I will wait a bit then and work with screenshots etc.

I use Excel a lot as well and created this post

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Actually, a plugin for excel integration would be great! So that it just behaves like in OneNote.
Sadly I do not know anything about coding and so I will have to wait until someone releases something like that. Is there an ETA. For the API?

Well OneNote isn’t a full, editable embed. You get a screenshot of the Excel spreadsheet and then you have to open it in Excel. But yes, some variation of this.

No specific ETA for the API, but the beta version is in the works.

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OneNote isn’t great for tables.
Excel is better, but much more effort, looks wise, than a table in a WP