Create backlinks from Unlinked Mentions?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Is it possible when viewing the Unlinked Mentions to a new note to create a list of their links on the current note (even better with the block containing the UM)?
This might be considered like a TOC.
Thank you.

In settings under Core plugins you can find the Backlinks plugin. If you enable it and click on options, you can enable the setting to include backlinks in your notes. You may need to restart Obsidian for this change to take effect. This setting makes your backlinks, both linked and unlinked mentions, appear at the bottom of your notes.

Thank you very much Keos, clearly explained. I had them showing in the side panel but that was not what I wanted.

I am just one stage closer because unfortunately (and I apologise) I failed to explain that I only wanted the Unlinked Mentions that I choose ( because they are the most relevant at the time).
If you able to help further I shall be most grateful.
e.g. a delete would achieve it if it were available but is not.

Ah, I see. I do not know of a way to include an editable list of unlinked mentions in your notes, sorry!

Thank you Keos.

You might be able to drag the links 1-by-1 into the note. Otherwise you’ll have to type them in.

Thank you CawlinTeffid, but does not work.