Create and Track activity threads from every day journals

Our daily routine is filled with various activities like trying to get fit, working on a book, new home purchase etc, office project etc.
I take my notes around these activities in my daily notes. Some of these activities are significant and so I create a separate note for them and link the to the daily notes. But some of them are simply musings, simple thoughts, or simple updates. I am looking at a system/process that can be used to track this threads/activities spread across multiple notes. And this process should be different from creating seperate note for each activity

e.g Home Purchase
day 1 - thought of buying a house
day 2 - saw some properties but didn’t like
day 10 - saw a property and liked it
day 11 - talking to bank

I want this thread to connect to all the individual daily notes.
Any suggestions…


This sounds like a pretty good use case for the plugin Cross-reference Navigation, which you for now would have to install manually from Github. There is a video on the Github link showing you how Alexander (the plugin dev) is using it, but it can easily be adapted (via how you format your tags) to your wishes.

In short it can filter out notes based on tag structure, and you can be as detailed as you wish in your tagging. #topic/home_purchase/finances or #topic/home_purchase/furniture can both be listed if looking for #topic/home_purchase, but can also be separated if you go more specific.

Thanks @Hellquist …Looking it at. Will share my experience