Create an .obsidian git repository for multiple vaults

I have a large obsidian vault with different topics. I am struggling to search stuff into it. I want to split it into multiple more focused vaults.
But I also have a lot of plugins. Some of them aren’t necessary in some vaults.
I use git (with obsidian git) to manage all the vaults. I’m a developer so I can handle git myself if I want (but it’s comfortable to sync notes automatically).
I wonder if it’s better to have a git repository containing the .obsidian folder only and make the rest of my notes clone inside / symlink to this repo.
I can play with the .gitignore of the project if I want to configure a setting/plugin that applies only to specific vaults / uses multiple branches of .obsidian.
Not sure if it’s a good idea… Because I want to sync all my settings and plugins - but also make changes. I have a plugin that enables creating groups of on / off plugins so I can use it to manage my vault and put its settings in .gitignore. Does anyone create such a workflow with a git repository for .obsidian? What do you recommend doing?

Try searching for nested vaults.

You can also use folders and tags/frontmatter for different topics and dump everything in one vault.

I have different config folders for each platform with different settings for certain plugins, so I don’t fiddle with .gitignore.

Otherwise usually time sorts these things out and it’s good to follow forum posts for new ideas.

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