Create a table of all meetings where a participant is listed

Things I have tried

I have looked through these forums and other tutorials online, including the Dataview documentation, but can’t quite get the right result.

What I’m trying to do

I use notes for individual people, to keep track of my interactions with them. As such, when I have meetings, I create a participant list.

I tried to create a table to show all meetings that I had had with that person. I did so with the following code:

TABLE WITHOUT ID link(, file.frontmatter.meeting_date) AS "Date", project AS "Project", meeting_topic AS "Topic"
FROM "Meetings"
WHERE contains(file.outlinks, [[@Name]])
SORT meeting_date DESC

However, after using it for a little while, I discovered a fatal flaw with this approach. It lists all meetings where an individual is mentioned, even if that individual wasn’t in attendance at the meeting. After looking through some tutorials, I got closer, but still not quite on the money. I have tried the following, which instead lists every participant at any meeting where the individual is mentioned, as opposed to listing every meeting that individual is a named participant (under the “Participants” heading):

TABLE L.text FROM "Meetings"
FLATTEN file.lists AS L
WHERE meta(L.section).subpath = "Participants" AND contains(file.outlinks, [[@Name]])

Does anyone have the ability to get me over the line here?


  • You just need to replace file.outlinks with L.outlinks.



Q23_meeting : DQL20



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