Create a note that linked to a specific paragraph in a pdf

As far as I know, annotator plugin doesn’t support area highlight or graph highlight

+1 Better integration with PDFs

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Citavi with high-level notes like Obsidian
Obsidian with Citavi-like PDF viewer/annotation management

would be my ideal thing. Citavi style approach of compiling multiple annotations into a simple knowledgebase is like magic


Expect to implement importing PDFs in Canvas for reading and to annotate any given text or paragraph, and the annotations can be composed into mind maps or other graphical relationships in Canvas. Different books can be put into the same Canvas, and these annotations will be recombined. This effect has been implemented by Marginnote and can be found at: Developer Stories - A Magical Pencil Box - How We Incorporated PencilKit into MarginNote 3.7 - YouTube

I use citavi5 before migrating to obsidian and Zotero. I have to say that citavi is the best one-stop academic reading and writing software except lack of flexibility. obsidian and Zotero gives me more freedom and function, but genuinely speaking I feel less productive and spending more time on drilling the knowledge management itself instead of discovering knowledge and experimenting on my own research field.


it would be great if the canvas in obsidian could have this feature, imaging what a magical reaction will happen when combining marginnote and liquidtext into a markdown-empowered text editor

+1 for something like in Logseq. The current solutions are either tedious or not elegant enough.


the development roadmap seems not direct in pdf annotation direction, still there are several plugins like annotator plugin, and markmind plugin that could do pdf annotation


Is there a way to connect pdf to obsidian for excerpting function. (take selected notes from pdf to Obsidian DİRECTLY) ? Especialy with canvas feature…

İ m using margin note and excerpting feature is so valuable for me. İ m working academic and i cant imagine workspace without my pdf s.
İ really like obsidian but i didnt find a solution for connecting my pdf s in a same way i did in marginnote.

Proposed solution

i want to see selected pdf notes or pictures in obsidian notes directly and when i click on them i want to go visa versa ( to pdf)

Current workaround

There are export options (plug in) from taking notes from marginnote to Obsidian but İ wonder excerpting in Obsidian.

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Have your tried out markmind plugin or annotator plugin in obsidian? as far as i know,markmind plugin currently offers the most marginnote resemblance features in obsidian.

You can simply drag and drop highlights from Zotero to Obsidian, directly.

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This also works for excalidraw drawing,by the way , you have to use zotero6 and zotero built-in pdf reader to enable this feature,