Create a note for the next week with templater doesn't works for me

Things I have tried


I’ve got a very simple task: I want to create a note for the week and reference it as a link to the last week’s note

So I have this statement:

![[<“YYYY”)%>-Woche-<%-“WW”, -1)%>-Wochen_Review##Kommende Woche]]

The result should be (lets assume we are in week 6, 2023)

2003-Woche-05-Wochen_Review##Kommende Woche

The current result is

2003-Woche-06-Wochen_Review##Kommende Woche

So the variable WW doesn’t decrement.

I’ve e.g. tested this with days, there, everything went fine.

What ist the error here?

Thanks a lot

What I’m trying to do

According to the documentation, the second parameter is an offset in days, it’s not related to which dateformat you’re using. See - Templater

So maybe, you’ll get what you want with a bigger offset, like -7 for a full week of days, and not just one day…

Remember, WW isn’t the actual variable, it’s just a view of the underlying date.


Thank you very much indeed! This was the solution :+1: :clap:

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