Create a link to Obsidian note within Inline Link Text

Hi All,

Total noob to Obsidian and markdown so my apologies if I’m not even using the correct vocabulary. Please correct it if I do not.

Can I create Obsidian backlinks within the alt. text for an inline hyperlink?

For example, I’ve added a link in a list of resources like so:

[Evergreen Notes & Working with the Garage Door Open by Andy Matuschak](

I would like to add Obsidian backlinks/notes within the link’s alt text. Specifically:

  • [[Evergreen Notes]]
  • [[Working with the Garage Door Open]]

Is this possible?

And if it is possible, is there a reason I shouldn’t want to do this?

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Welcome, @Court1!

I think this is a great question, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible. I made a somewhat similar request a while back here: Nesting functional links within link names

Sounds like you know what’s up already, but, just in case, I figured I’d make sure you know you can do [[Actual Note Name |Displayed Link Name]] to link to the note called ‘Actual Note Name‘ but have the link in Preview Mode displayed as ‘Displayed Link Name’. Good luck!

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“Sounds like you know what’s up already”

Haha, you’re being generous. I think I only barely understood your Nesting functional links within link names post.

AND…do you mind telling me a bit more about the actual v. displayed name? Is this part of the “aliases” topic? I’m not sure I understand the use case for doing what you’re describing.

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My posts back then were a little out there, so I don’t blame you, ha!

This is from the help docs:

Basically you just add a | then the custom preview name you want displayed after the actual note you are linking to. Of course, all of this is within the context of using the [[ links.

I realize now that this tip about using pretty links wasn’t really relevant to what you were asking. I think I originally misunderstood what you were asking so that idea was in my head, then after linking to my old post I immediately transitioned into explain this tip without really thinking it through.

I refer to aliases wrongly in that post although aliases are somewhat relevant in a sense that many people would like the use of a certain pretty link for a note to automatically define an alias. Automatically insert aliases into frontmatter from newly created aliases Wow, I am making this all very confusing. My bad. Aliases can be defined with the front matter of a note so that you can easily link to said note by typing that or any other defined alias name after the [[ and using the suggestions pop up.

I saw your other post asking about tips for learning. I assume you’ve been through the help vault. If not it is definitely worth a wander. :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw your other post asking about tips for learning. I assume you’ve been through the help vault. If not it is definitely worth a wander. :slightly_smiling_face:

:joy: :joy: :joy:

I’ve checked it out, and there is definitely a lot of worthwhile information in there! I doubt I’m totally alone in saying that until this “clicks” for me, wandering says it all.

I don’t want to wander around the Labyrinth, I want to go straight to the castle!!!


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