Create a graph based on the folder structure

Generate a graph based on folder structure/path (as opposed to the wikilinks).
Once this graph is generated, the wikilinks can be superimposed on top of it (without affecting the nodes’ positions).


Hi there, I’ve been trying out Obsidian for the past week, and I’d like to suggest the idea of a toggle-able view between the already existing Graph View and a Folder Graph View.

To show a simple example, here’s a second brain folder I started this week viewed through Gource, which shows git commits through an animation. This view shows each folder as a line, and shows the files located in that folder as a dot:


You should post this in plugins or feature request

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@lizardmenfromspace Done, honestly thought I had, thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Since this one already had some momentum in the form of :purple_heart:’s I moved it to #feature-requests and deleted the new one.

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@ryanjamurphy Thank you :slight_smile:

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I think this would be really useful for those of us who use folders to organize our markdown notes.


Totally agree with you there, it is the missing feature for me and sometimes I like to know files by association in folder structure / context without having to create links or tags in the markdown itself.


How about this request?

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this would be really cool, espcially together with the foldernotes request.


Hi! I had the same problem, therefore I developed a kind-a-workaround solution: All of my folders and subfolders has an index file, which just contains links to the notes of the given folder. And I developed a tiny program that works as a daemon and keeps these index files updated if I create a new file, delete one, or move a file to another folder.
I plan to reimplement it as an Obsidian plugin, but until that time, feel free the give it a try, here it is:


I second this and would like to see this as an option under the graph setting. Something like “Display Folder/child links” option.


Would love to have this!. Right now I miss it so badly

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Has there been any progress on turning this into a plugin? I had come here to request a similar feature, allowing folders to get treated as nodes on the graph, similar to how tags can be toggled to become nodes.


Hi @EleanorKonik ,
yes, I’ve almost done it, so hopefully it can be installed within a couple of days.



Incredible news, thanks for the update!!

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Hi All!

It’s ready to be used and can be downloaded from the catalog!


Is there any more development on this?:blush: It seems like @akos0215 plug-in isn’t updated in a while.

For me, it’s really important to not use significant time on just “organizing”. I want to spend as much time as possible on the actual knowledge. Knowledge comes in different forms (pdfs, vídeos etc etc) witch lives a more happy life in just the normal file system on my Mac. But I take notes from them in obsidian. These things live in the same folders, where I use obsidians links to connect ideas. But it’s frustrating to not see all the other files in graph view. I would love to seefolders as a node in graph view😊

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Yes, I’m sorry, I know I’m in delay with zoottelkeeper, but my other projects ( + my official job, family etc) take more time currently. I don’t want to leave the plugin as it is, but currently, I’m in rush with many other things. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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Nono, I totally understand! It was not a message to guilt trip you (who use your own time to make something for all of us, for free) to do more :slight_smile: I just wanted to forward that as Obsidians user base grows, we are more and more people wanting to integrate folders to the workflow :slight_smile: Your plugin is really good, my only problem is that it don’t generate files for folders I created outside of Obsidian, and have in my vault. So 80% of files don’t get linked to a folder, unfortunately. :slight_smile: