Create 2 columns with dataview and tasks

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to create a page with 2 columns, where the left side displays a list of tasks that I need to complete as well as recent notes that have been created, and the right side shows links to my main project notes.

I have tried the following code, but only the list of tasks is displayed, and the list of notes below doesn’t render.

Things I have tried

— start-multi-column: Region1

number of columns: 2
largest column: left
```` tasks
not done
heading includes To Do
(due this week) OR (no due date) OR (due BEFORE today)
sort by done reverse
sort by due

TABLE regexreplace(file.folder, ".*\/([^\/]+)$", "$1") AS Project, file.cday AS Date
FROM "Projects"
WHERE contains(this.file.folder, this.file.folder)
SORT file.ctime DESC
--- end-column ---

[!Link to project page1]
[!Link to project page2]
[!Link to project page3]

--- end-multi-column