Creases plugin only works for H2, H3 and H4?

Nominally the Creases plugin (a great tool) will fold or unfold headings at all levels. When I look in hotkey settings they all appear:

But only H2, H3, and H4 are present in the command palette.

While you can set the hotkeys for all 6 levels, the only ones that work are those for H2-H4.

I wonder if anyone has any insight. Is true for everyone or just me?


Never used this plugin.

Is it possible that the currently open file does not have a Heading1?

I bow my head in shame… Usually I’m quicker on the uptake than this. Really. It’s been a long day…

Don’t worry, Jeff. I only suspected this being the case because I shamed myself in similar ways countless times. :slight_smile:

As for me, more times than I can count!

I’m going to have to play around with it, though. If there are no sections of the appropriate level, the keystroke itself is passed through.

For example, if there are H2 sections present and I hit the hot key CTRL-CMD-2 they will fold as they should. But if there are no H2 sections present and I hit CTRL-CMD-2 a “2” appears at the location of the cursor. Seems to me those should be caught regardless.

I may play around using Keyboard Maestro and custom URIs to trigger the commands. Presumably if I trigger one of the nonexistent commands the result will be a noop.

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