Crashes on opening basic vault (Old version MacOS)

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Click app icon to open it.
  2. Obsidian opens
  3. Dialog asking which folder to open as vault shows
  4. Choosing that folder then crashes Obsidian completely

Expected result

Obsidian opens the vault and then functions to work with the contents of that vault.

Actual result

Obsidian crashes, disappears.


  • Operating system: Mac 10.11.6
  • Obsidian version: 9.22

Additional information

I tried trashing preferences and Obsidian’s application support file in Library to no (22.2 KB)

Can you zip that folder and DM it to me on discord? Where is this folder located?

My basic vault is a folder (titled main K) within a folder (titled Obsidian) within Documents within my user folder. My basic vault folder only has .md files within folders, an obsidian file with config and such in it, and a DS_Store file.

I’m reluctant to send the whole folder - lots of “sensitive material” in the .md files. I could send them if really necessary. I could definitely send the obsidian file.

Does obidian crashes while opening other vaults?

I don’t have any other vaults so I don’t know. So I just created an empty folder to serve as another vault.

This time Obsidian crashed an instant after the dialog box of which vault to open became visible. Then I removed the empty folder and get the same result of instant crash.

can you try to remove obsidian and install it again from a fresh installer downloaded from the website?

I just did that and get the same result of instant crash, doesn’t even get to the which vault dialog. Do you want the crash report? Should again trash preferences or Obsidian’s Application Support file?

yes, please

I deleted md.obsidian plist and the Obsidian Application Support folder. This time opening went further, thru the which folder dialog box and then crashed.

Find attached the crash (21.1 KB)

delete this folder /Users/<yourusername>/Library/Application Support/obsidian

and start obsidian. does it help?

Seems like VSCode ran into the same electron issue as you. I’m guessing you aren’t able to upgrade your macOS to a slightly more up to date version for some reason?

Deleting the Application Support folder helped. Got to the dialog box for choosing vault folder. Made a new vault folder rather than using the existing folder and then that worked. When I try to switch back to my previous vault folder, it crashes. I suppose I can just move the contents of the previous vault into a new vault folder.

Sorry can’t upgrade OS for financial reasons. Would have to buy expensive upgrades of various apps.

This too.

Nothing we can do, sorry.

That’s understandable. I’d often delay upgrades for stability reasons, especially with Apple.

Reading the electron/vscode issues seems to suggest something to do with fullscreen mode. Not sure if you remember but might be worth trying to avoid using it.

I wasn’t using Obsidian in full screen mode in trying to install this latest version. I had used it before.

Thanks for your work. Obsidian is a great app. I particularly appreciate folding headings and multiple panes.

Prospective users should be informed of changing minimum operating system requirements.

I had the same problem on High Sierra, then discovered that just deleting .obsidian/config solves it.

Because I use Obsidian Git to sync on GitHub and noticed that the themes and translucent settings in the config file brought my Obsidian to crash on High Sierra, Big Sur is fine.

Hope this helps you.