Counter for a repetitive task

Counter for a repetitive task, this task is weekly

Hi, I’m having this problem. I have a task I have to do at least once a month but I show it in a template I use weekly, so I want to have a conditional that shows a message if I did it at least once.

The task I have

This task is in a note called Week ww-gggg. For example the whole route could be “Daily life/July/Week 29-2023” referring the week of the year, and the year. If July has four weeks, I would have four notes like this in the July folder

  • [ ] :blossom: Touch grass

Expected output

If I did it at least once a week, comparing the task in all notes and finding one done I expect a message

“Times I touched grass this month is [times the task is done]”
and even if it’s possible, if I didn’t do it, show: “I didn’t touch grass this month”

I initially wanted to use the plugin Tracker but I watched problems in that plugin when someone tried to use it for something that wasn’t in the daily notes

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