Could someone direct me to templates, how tos and Zettle method of organising notes please?

Things I have tried

I have tried googling search the obsidian forums and I saw many templates. But from what I understand from Martin Adams that there are three different templates for perm notes, fleeting notes and literature notes.

So I am not sure if my understanding is correct and I am really new to this so please pardon me.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to create a second brain. I have Adhd and this is a severe impairment in my recall and thought process. I was thinking that I needed some structure in my life and hence I was considering Obsidian and using the zettle method of organising notes.

I would like to learn a system where templates are used as well as hashtag management - basically a structured approach to materialising my ideas.

You won’t find a definitive step-by-step Zettelkasten method, @therealbearrister, because there are none. You read up on how other people are doing it, then modify their approaches to fit your own unique needs and circumstances. You can start getting an overview of the subject from the Knowledge Management category here, similar sections of the Obsidian Discord server, YouTube, and other internet sources.

But if you’re looking for a crash course, I’d recommend the standard Zettelkasten primer, How to Take Smart Notes, by Sonke Ahrens.


Start here, read as much as you can-

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