Could Provide graphic input support for plain text?

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It is more convenient to input flow charts, or charts, just like asciiflow

Because the native asciflow diagram will become very strange in obsidian md, and some other functions of obsiaian asciiflow cannot support

Can it provide functional support similar to asciiflow? (The graphics are textualized, we will be able to play mind maps and flowcharts on it; similarly, other ways of simulating graphics input can be simplified)

You can use mermaid in Obsidian.

Thank you, this can help me with the question. (But I think I didn’t express it clearly. What I want is to compile the document by the image processing instead of compiling the document to simulate the graphics, just like the difference between the graphics processing system and the previous program command statement; the use is simpler, and there is no Deviate from the requirement of plain text, [because it seems that plain text is obsidian’s insistence)) (Then another point I am sorry, because the sentence I used is inaccurate, even in the original language, it is ambiguous, accurate expression It should be “Can you make graphics easier to edit”)

[To be more precise, I want something that can assist us in writing on plain text (or electronic equipment)], so that we can be as free as writing on paper And smooth, such as drawing, in a more intuitive form, with the aid of the program to reduce certain restrictions on computer input, such as line breaks, such as sequential, such as inconvenient drawing;
(pdf is a

I like the form of scapple, but it has Some questions, (Can be exported as pdf, but cannot be input as exported pdf, even if their format is very similar to pdf),and the author does not intend to improve or modify in the last few years ( they seem to have encountered problems) (asciiflow is just an alternative to using plain text I chose)

(I like obsidian, it is beautiful , But its hierarchical structure and local logical structure are still not enough. Sometimes we need a larger map, sometimes we need a smaller map, but the one given by Obsidian is not convenient to use. I hope it can be improved, or try Use the new way)

I wrote a lot, sorry. One part is the answer to you, and the other is the supplement and explanation of the above content.
(Also like an answer to myself)

After I wrote the above reply, I seemed to know what I wanted, so I decided to close this topic,finally

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