Correct folder path in dataview query

Hello, I’m trying to use dataview queries in my vault and running into a frustrating problem which I suspect is a very basic (and probably stupid) mistake.

I have my vault synchronized via iCloud Drive. The base folder is named “Fresh Connections”. Inside that folder there is (among others) a folder “Projects and Goals” and inside that folder there is another named “Werte”

In “Werte” there are notes with the field [context:: office].

The following query works perfectly on my Mac mini:

from "Fresh Connections/Goals and Projects/Werte"
where context = "office"

However, on my MacBook Air I get “No results to show for list query”. Instead, if I change the From-clause in the query to “from Goals and Projects/Werte”, it works on the MacBook Air but not on the Mac mini.

Can someone help me? Why does one installation of obsidian require the base folder to be included in the folder path and the other one doesn’t? Both machines run obsidian version1.1.9 and the latest version of dataview.

Thank you!

It seems like you’ve opened the vaults with different base folder. Open the same folder on both devices, and it’ll stay behaving the same.

Thank you very much, that was it.

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