Core Plugin: Daily Note Missing basic functionality

Use case or problem

One problem with the daily note core plugin .
I can easily jump to today’s daily note from anywhere of obsidian. But to go one day backward in my calendar from where I’m right now is a really needed feature .


Example: I’m on the august 29 .I press a hotkey i go back in my daily note to august 28 .Press the hotkey again jumps to august 27. I press another hotkey to go to august 28 then to august 29.

Related feature requests (optional)

Some people use templater to paste the previous day and next day as a link. But it creates a lot of unnecessary links. That doesn’t suit Obsidian.

There are shortcuts to go to previous and next daily notes. Or did you really mean you want to go back one calendar day even if there’s no daily note there?

The workaround is to create two links in the daily note template, one points to the previous day, the other points to the next day.

The Templater plugin can help calculating the date.

And you can also jump to any date’s daily note by the help of the Calendar plugin.

Yes. :grimacing: :innocent: :innocent: