Core outline feature consolidation and overhaul

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There are a lot of suggestions for the core outline feature (right side panel). Is it time for a staff person to consolidate these into a single place, then the community can read them and vote in one place?

The core outline feature has a lot of potential, ie, is too basic and not customizable. By making it more fully featured Obsidian gains greater ability to organize notes into a outline, which then leads to completing a draft. This move obsidian beyond note taking and into using the tool for actual writing and publishing.

Proposed solution

Do a complete workover of the core outline feature.

Current workaround (optional) none. Don’t use obsidian when you progress past simple note taking. Look for another tool which carries forward the workflow to another stage beyond notes.

Related feature requests (optional)

No offense but there isn’t any actual proposal in this text.
Open specific feature requests, one for everything you want and please search before posting.

If you’d like to compile a list of links to the existing feature requests and post it in Share & Showcase, that might be helpful to some people.