Copying Text and Images from MS Word

Use case or problem

When copying text combined with graphics from MS Word and pasting into Obsidian, the images are linked to a temporary folder within the MS Windows …/AppData/Local/… system hierarchy. When copying images alone, they come through and are placed in the designated attachment folder. An unsuspecting user (aka me) may not realize at first that the images are not going to the correct place (since they do show up when reviewing in preview mode), and only discover this issue after copying dozens and dozens of documents over when MS decides it is time to clean out the TEMP folder. Oops.

Proposed solution

Unfortunately, I do not know of a solution other than: recognize the TEMP folder being used and either warn the user that the images are not being stored in the Attachments directory or somehow move the images from the TEMP directory to the attachment directory behind the scenes.

Current workaround (optional)

Copy images separate from the text, which is a very slow process. I wrote a macro to help in my process, but I’m stumped at how to make it know text from images and copy them separately. I think manually doing it is my only option.