Copying over vault settings/plugins to new SYNC vault

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This seems obvious, but I can’t find an answer. I have an existing local vault, but I just signed up for Obsidian Sync. I followed instructions for setup, and now I have a new Sync vault that has all the content from my old local vault. But, it has none of the settings/plugins from that old vault. I know I need to copy the .obsidian folder from the old vault, which I have, but where is the Sync vault I need to copy .obsidian to?

Obsidian Sync has the option to sync your settings/plugins, so you don’t have to manually copy and paste the .obsidian folder.

As for finding a vault in the file explorer, I would right-click on a file in the sidebar and select Show in system explorer.

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(Show in system explorer not available on iOS.) (EDIT: I just had an idea for a Shortcut to work around that…)

Brilliant, thank you, right-click and Show in System Explorer did it. I figured there would be something obvious. I know Sync syncs settings/plugins, but the initial Sync vault did not carry over any of that from my prior local vault. That seems like a shortcoming in the Sync setup - presumably most people want settings/plugins carried over when they move from local to sync. But I’m sorted now, at least.

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