Copy URL when right-clicking on a link in Preview mode

Obsidian 0.10.8, macOS 11.1

  • In Edit mode, you can right click on the URL portion between ()s and choose Copy url:

  • In Preview mode, right clicking on that link only gives a single option: Copy
    …Which just places the text “google” on the clipboard:

So the feature request is for the Copy URL function to appear on the right-click menu for links in Preview mode as well.


I made a plugin for this, now up on community plugins.
The devs also said this is a functionality they’ll add into the app eventually.

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If anyone dares, I forked @NomarCub’s great plugin and added a Copy image to clipboard function to it. It’s a hack for sure, but a convenient one. Very much open to someone telling me the correct way to implement this (since surely this ain’t it!)