Copy images in preview mode

Use case or problem

I frequently need to share the document I wrote in Obsidian to people who use Word. There are two ways to do that: 1. Pandoc convert; 2. copy the whole note preview and paste into Word. Currently, there are issues with both methods.

The pandoc method can’t convert images correctly (I am using “shortest path” as the link name). I also need to manually remove all the extra brackets.
The direct copy method is more promising, but the issue is that all the rendered images are not copied. Only the texts can be copy&paste into word.

Proposed solution

Note preview can be copied as it is with pictures to other applications like Word.

I did search for other feature requests and I can find there were requests to add support to copy individual image via right click. I think this feature request is different because it allows “batch” copy of all the images in a file.


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