Copy image from a note

I added a comment here regarding the use of the Pandocs plugin to be able to export a note and be able to copy multiple images directly. If anyone knows how to concatenate paths to images, please check at the plugin so that the new links format setting is not messed up and old notes are not modified.

Thank @luckman212 implement this feature, it perfectly solved the issue, and let me paste the screenshot of it.



Thanks to @luckman212 and NormarCub! The plugin is great but is there a way to copy the whole note and all images? My workflow involves taking a lot of screenshots and pasting them into a note, then copying most or all of the note into an email.

Before I had to screenshot the images one by one and this helps a lot, but it would still be nicer to just select multiple lines of text with multiple images then paste into Outlook.

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You can use the built-in export to PDF feature of Obsidian. There are a lot of threads about exporting notes in general, you might want to check the forum. There are Obsidian Publish alternatives, tools like Pandoc for local markdown exporting, and more, none of them perfect. There are plugins to make the process smoother, but I can’t vouch for them.

If someone wants to, they can implement an image-specific solution in my plugin, I won’t myself.

I want to copy image to clipboard on Windows in Edit or View mode but only text get copied.

Right-click on image?

Hi @dibu please search and use the template before making a new FR. Check above in this thread for a plugin workaround. (I haven’t tested it personally.)

Thank you so much for your effort! It make my day more easier.

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Pleas use the obsidian-image-toolkit plugin

+1, hope that images(instead of their links) will be copied in reading mode.

Firtst, my thanks to all the workarounds provided, but I often draft mails or posts in Obsidian( which has words and images). When I copy these drafts, I still have to manually insert all images, which is annoying.

I can see that in live preview, images exist as text. But in reading mode, the image should be rendered like in a browser. ( and thus should be able to be copied.)

+1 this is incredibly disruptive for me. I am a penetration tester. We rely heavily on screenshots to document security vulnerabilities that we discover while hacking our clients.

If this feature isn’t added I am completely unable to use Obsidian in a professional capacity… I absolutely love Obsidian and I would really like to see this feature added. Until then unfortunately I am unable to use Obsidian to track my engagement notes. Please, PLEASE consider adding this functionality!

Thanks Team!

+1, I make heavy use of images in my note workflow and I’m constantly reminded that copying them to somewhere else is very annoying. I have to find the image in my attachments folder, right click that file entry, and then open it in my system explorer and copy that to my clipboard. The workflow is very clunky and every other note-taking app I’ve used has had this built in by default.


I strongly support this request because sometimes I need to copy a note from one vault to another. Transferring the images is always a pain for me now.

+1. Please support this.

Oh man, a proper solution for this is sorely needed.

Publishing and sharing things is such are regualtr use case, and fraught with so much pain and hassle at the moment.

All I really want to do is select-all in preview mode and copy > paste to another app, and then hit send. For example, into an email.

The images should all come with it, not internal links.

+1 on the fix

+1 adding this feature will save a lot of time for users please do!!

Thanks in advance.