Copy image from a note

Currently, either right-click on an image in “Preview pane” or right-click on an image name in “Edit pane”, I can’t copy that image directly.

If I select that image in “Edit pane” and use Ctrl/Cmd+C , then paste into another application, it shows something like this: ![imageName.png](blob:app:whatwhatwhat/random-string-like-a-uuid) .

It would be helpful when I right-click an image, an option like “Copy Image to Clipboard” shows up in the right-click-menu.


Agree. I have been using Obsidian for a month, and this is the only missing feature for me. It would be great if we can right click on the image in the preview pane and choose “Copy”/“Copy file name”/“Reveal in Explorer” etc.


This is a major issue for me. I need to be able to copy a document along with all the images in it, or at the very least, to be able right click and image to copy it


Is it possible to copy/paste images in Obsidian? I like the feature in Typora.

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Hi @raj I moved this to an existing thread. Please use the forum’s search.

Pasting images works just fine. It copies the file into a folder in your vault. You can configure where in settings -> File -> Attachment folder path.

You can’t (yet, as far as I know) copy images, to paste them in other locations or apps.

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I would like to see this feature too. I’m preparing report in Obsidian, locally collecting my knowledge base and later copy stuff to confluence. all works fine except images. I have to find and copy every of them by hand. That is annoying :slight_smile:


So annoying. I have to make a screenshot of my pasted screenshot in order to copy it to my clipboard. Can you please add a function to copy an image back to the clipboard?
It works the other way around when pasting images. Should not take longer than 10min to implement this.


Related post about right clicking images to open them in your default editor…

Double-click or right-click on image in preview mode to open in external viewer


Use case or problem

I frequently need to share the document I wrote in Obsidian to people who use Word. There are two ways to do that: 1. Pandoc convert; 2. copy the whole note preview and paste into Word. Currently, there are issues with both methods.

The pandoc method can’t convert images correctly (I am using “shortest path” as the link name). I also need to manually remove all the extra brackets.
The direct copy method is more promising, but the issue is that all the rendered images are not copied. Only the texts can be copy&paste into word.

Proposed solution

Note preview can be copied as it is with pictures to other applications like Word.

I did search for other feature requests and I can find there were requests to add support to copy individual image via right click. I think this feature request is different because it allows “batch” copy of all the images in a file.


I wonder if this is something a plugin could implement rather than being a core feature. It would be tricky though, since Word has its own markup language that is unique and independent from HTML. Markdown is really just a subset of HTML with simpler syntax. And Word often mangles HTML files when opening them.

+1 really hope this feature makes the cut!

+1 — I’m finding the workaround impossible to do smoothly at the moment, and i’m sure there’s many users who constantly have to use screenshots/ create docs with embedded images that they need to copy paste elsewhere as needed


Hi everyone,

I love the way that Obsidian handles images and thus images have become a super important part of my work flow. I am currently using applications like Greenshot, PicPick to help highlight algorithms and such. So I would use this feature so often.

Currently my work around is to set up hotkeys and open images in an external viewer

  • ctrl shift enter = open current file in new window
  • ctrl shift O = open current file in external program
  • copy image from external program

Feature Request/ Solution

  • It would be lovely to be able to right-click on image in both preview and editor mode and be able to select an option “copy image to clipboard”

ugly hack of a solution, for anyone who wants to try


Ozan’s Image in Editor Plugin has this for local images in edit mode.

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The PR I submitted to add right click → copy image functionality to NomarCub’s plugin has just been merged. :tada:

Just letting the watchers of this thread know. Check it out in v1.1.0 here or via the in-app community plugins area.


+1 waiting for the solution. It will be the main issue if I concern Obsidian as my main Note-Taking App.

@timcsy what are you waiting for? You can download the latest version of the plugin which implements the copy image function…

Plus one on that. I often need to paste image from the doc to slack/discord/telegram/jira/etc.
Would we really useful to have right-click menu on image working or a button to copy image to the buffer (like we have for code blocks)

Current workaround (is not applicable in all cases) make a screenshot of the image in preview mode

Would be awesome to have it. Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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Works perfectly, thank you!