Copy Heading Link Anchor/Button

Use case or problem

I am trying to very quickly copy a link to a visible heading and paste it into another note that is also visible.

Proposed solution

Sorry that this is kind of a double feature, but the idea is that the little anchor, perhaps visible only during hover, would allow us to either single click it, to copy heading link to clipboard, or drag and drop it, to copy and paste heading link to the release point. I would be happy to split these into to separate requests, but kind of like them together.

Current workaround (optional)

I can type [[ then type ## and begin typing the heading name and quickly get a link to it from anywhere in vault. I actually have a macro set up to type [[## and another for - [[## because I find myself doing these so often.

Thanks so much!

Some other workarounds:

  1. You could right click a header and select “copy heading link”
  2. You can use the Drag and Drop Block plugin where you can use alt+drag and it will paste the heading link to the release point
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Thanks @DEV_Scribbles ! That would be great! Unfortunately, for me, the right click “Copy Heading Link” does not show. That seemed like it was the most likely and might have been the first thing I looked for once I decided I needed something more efficient. I am not seeing that as an option. I only see options for extracting and renaming. Maybe I am missing something.

Regardless, I really appreciate your reply, and the heads up on that plugin!

OMG I just checked and it turns out the Copy Heading Link was from the Copy Block Link plugin :see_no_evil:

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