Copy current vault settings to new one

When I create new vault, I’ve to manually go and make all the setting changes again. It will be save a lot of time if the new vault created copies all the settings from current vault rather then defaulting.

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I think you just have to copy your .obsidian settings folder inside your new vault - haven’t tried yet as I don’t work with several vaults but I guess that should work flawlessly.


Yeah that should work. You would also just need to make sure you have all the same folders and templates that you specify in any settings. Like a template folder, or a daily notes folder.

Some things I can think that could go wrong:

If you use Obsidian Sync or the Git plugin or Readwise, or anything that does any syncing automatically, you might also want to delete any settings related to those plugins, so they don’t automatically try to sync your vault to the old vault. (I don’t know if they would do that. I’m just brainstorming.)

And hey, the usual warning: BACKUP FIRST :wink:

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