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Capturing MOM (minutes of the meeting) in Daily notes.

Gathered pain points of customer A, in meeting 1. Heading Customer A MOM

Similarly pain point of customer B, in meeting2. Heading Customer B MOM

Customer A MOM <<[Customer A]

Customer B MOM <<[Customer B]

Notes pre-exists for Customer A & Customer B, what I want is the MOM of both the customers, co exist in the daily notes as well as the Customer A & Customer B notes file. The new MOM should appended at the bottom with date stamp, in the 2 existing notes, Customer A & Customer B

Objective - incase I forgot which date I met the customer, I can reference back.

I know I can use backlinks but that is not an easy fix, as I will have to go to each customer note and make relevant reference.

Is there any option, to append notes easily, to an existing note?

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With the help of google, found Redit user tonystark29 has written python script to do something similar.

This functionality will help elevate utilization of Obsidian to next level.

Kindly incorporate in the Obsidian core plugin.

One more requirement.
In the above python program its only one way.

I want it such a way, that any changes in one, reflect on the other note. So lets say I spelled employee name wrong in daily notes of Customer A.

If I correct the spelling in the actual Customer A note, correction should reflect in the daily note too.

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