Copy content of a note as markdown (not the source code)

What I’m trying to do

I make a lot of use of various automations to compile my weekly log, such as dataview, tasks plugin etc.

At the end of the week I want to copy/export the log as a report, e.g. to send it via mail. But I couldn’t find a way to copy the whole content of a note as markdown.

Any ideas how I can do this? Is there any plugin I may have missed?

Things I have tried

I tried export tools such as the community plugin “Obsidian Enhancing Export” but this plugins always export the source code, which means that I get markdown for what I have written by my own but instead of the dataview content I get the source code of the dataview. The same is also true if I use the plugin to export in other formats such as PDF or HTML. This makes it a bit pointless for me. I want to export the actual content, not the source code which creates the content.