Copy Block Link Plugin

Now available in community plugins. Get links to blocks and headings from Obsidian’s right click menu or the command pallet.


Posting the animated gif mentioned in the original post so people can how useful this is…



Thanks for this amazing plugin. I use it quite often. I wish this plugin could merge with “Note Refactor” plugin. This way, we can automatically refactor notes and refer to the original block.

This looks fantastic, looking forward to trying it out. Cheers!

Just want to randomly show my huge appreciation for this plugin! Makes all my knowledge work so much easier! :pray:

This is a fantastic plugin. I was a Onenote fanatic and have switched to Obsidian. Without your plugin Obsidian was a bit wearisome at times, because Onenote’s intra-inter document linking was so simple on all levels of text/pages/etc.

Thank you!