Copy and paste daily note file name to YAML for over 400 files

What I’m trying to do

I had created 400+ daily notes using dates as file names. The dates/file names were in “DD-MMMM-yyyy” format. I now want to add a YAML key to each daily notes called “DateCreated” and add the file names in ISO8601 format as the YAML value.

Things I have tried

I used an IDE to add the YAML key and templater template, “DateCreated: <%“YYYY-MM-DD”, 0, tp.file.title, “DD-MMMM-YYYY dddd”) %>” to each of the 400+ daily notes. However, i have not found a solution for executing/replacing the templater template for all of the 400 daily notes

I have not found alternative solution for executing the templater templates in all 400+ notes in one go. Any ideas on how to do this or any quicker alternative solutions would be appreciated.