Converting/Transforming tags to links

Hi there and first a humongous thanks for putting so much effort into the development of this amazing application! I just stumbled upon it recently and fell in love with it immediately :heart_eyes:

One thing I was wondering as my vault evolved over time: Is there a way to convert or transform (inline) #tags to [[internal links]]?
Because often I start adding (inline) tags to my pages/texts but then, at some point, I often feel like this could be actually turned into a page itself. And for that case, it would be super helpful if all the inline tags on other pages could be transformed into internal links that point to the newly created page. I know that if you have tags in your frontmatter, then this could become potentially problematic. But maybe there is a way? Unfortunately, my search through the forum was not successful, so far.

Thanks a lot in advance for any reply on this.



Which OS?

I am on Linux/Ubuntu.

There is no way (yet) of doing a search and replace operation from within obsidian afak. Yet, on Linux, you could easily use your command line with the sed command.

cd to your vault folder and execute the following command:

sed -i 's/#MYTAG/\[\[MYTAG\]\]/g' *.md

Replace MYTAG with the name of the tag you want to convert to a link.

The above command will replace all occurrences of #MYTAG with [[MYTAG]] in all of your markdown files in the current directory.

Thanks for your suggestions @davecan and @alltagsverstand.
I am actually aware of batch-replacing expressions in multiple files through the command line or other editors. I was just wondering whether or not there is a native way from within Obsidian. Could be a nice feature for the future.?

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There is already a feature request for this:

Ah, great. Haven’t seen this one. Thanks!

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