Converting Obsidian MD to GitHub MD?

How to convert the Obsidian MD format to GitHub MD?
It works fine but internal document links (linking another header like [[#header1]] doesn’t work because the GitHub syntax is different ([text](#header)). Is there a plugin or tool to convert this?


In a small test over here, I find that both of these work in an Obsidian document (v0.12.15):


Could you try again?

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Can you share an actual example of syntax that isn’t working, and it might be easier to help.

They did. OP.

Problematic syntax (as mentioned in the OP):
[[#TitleOfHeader]] does not work on GitHub because the syntax to refer to headers in a file is [text](#TitleOfHeader).
Using [text](#TitleOfHeader) in Obsidian also works but my problem is that I currently have tons of links using the [[#TitleOfHeader]] format in my file.
[text](#TitleOfHeader) also doesn’t have any auto-suggestion so that’s not really a solution.

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