Convert Tags to Notes

I want to convert all of my tags into notes or links. Can I do it all at once instead of replacing one by one? Thanks

I think Obsidian doesn’t have an option yet to do that, but you can use a text editor like Notepad++ to do a “search and replace” in all your files at once.

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Thanks, for your prompt response!

Hi Kevzen,

I am not a computer geek, so I am not familiar with Notepad++. Would you please let me know tutorial videos/articles to use this program. I do need to be able to convert a tag into a link across the files so that I don’t need to do it one by one.

Your help is much appreciated.

How many tags are you currently using?

If it’s only a few, you can convert them one a at time, across all notes simultaneously. If they’re too many to handle this way, you’ll need regex, but then you have to make sure there are no unintended replacements. Either way, backup your vault beforehand.

I can assist you with this, using VS Code.

Hi, macedotavares

I have a bunch of tags, around 250. But for now, I need to covert some of them that are potentially made as notes.

Later on, maybe I need to convert some others more.

I just want know how to do it.

I do appreciate your help.

Let’s go for the easier alternative, then:

  1. Download, install and open Microsoft Visual Studio Code.
  2. Open your vault folder with it. You should see your note files listed on the sidebar.
  3. Press Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+F. A pane will open at the bottom.
  4. In the “Find” field, enter the tag you want to replace (e.g. #foo). In the “Replace” field, enter the corresponding page title (e.g. [[foo]]). If this field isn’t immediately visible, you may need to expand it by clicking the arrow button on the left.
  5. You should see a preview of the replacements appear beneath. If if everything looks ok, hit Cmd/Ctrl+Enter.

Done. All the files are automatically saved and you should see them updates in Obsidian.

I’m writing this from memory, so I may have missed some details, but this is the general procedure. Let me know if you need further assistance.

It worked!

Thanks a lot, macedotavares!

I do appreciate your kindly help.

Just one small thing, I needed to hit Ctrl+Alt+Enter instead of Ctrl+Enter to Replace All.

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