Convert multiple text lines to notes

Hi I would like to convert several lines of one or two-word text each into Obsidian notes. I know that in Note Refactor I can convert a paragraph or a section or a line into a separate note. But what I am asking for is different. I want multiple notes.

For e.g., here is a list


I would like to use some command that mass converts each of this into its own note like this:


without having to individually go to each line and add the brackets to convert them into notes.

Is there a command or a plugin that can help me with the above?

I got the solution from a kind soul on Obsidian Discord server. In case if anyone is curious, here it is: “Given that list, hold down the alt key, use the mouse cursor from the top left to the bottom right. and then type [[ and it will do what you want”


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