Convert metadata to a new

I got a file with this meta data

name: [Shure]
ref: [MV88]
description:"Microphone stéréo numérique à condensateur"
categorie: (audio)
format: (hardware)
type: [Microphone, Microphone USB, Microphone IOS]
vendeurs: (thomann, dart, fnac, amazon)
Liens affiliation: 
- [Lien 1]( 
- [Lien 2](
Site officiel: [Lien vers le site officiel](
Systeme d'exploitation:
Le language de programmation:

And i would like convert that to it

#Shure MV88

Microphone Stéréo numérique

How can i say to a new
take the file Shure MV 88
And take the name + ref key and put it in a newfile with a h1 title.
After take the key description and make a paragraph with it.

Select your desired text, then use the command “Workbench → extract current selection”. It will propose a filename, but you can type whatever you like.

This requires the Workbench community plugin, of course.

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