Convert MD Links to Wikilinks


A few days ago, I used the consistent attachments plugin to move all my attachments to the same folder. I didn’t notice at the time, but the switch was selected to converted my vault from wikilinks to MD links. How do I revert? I’ve tried the Wikilinks to MD links plugin that will let me toggle between both forms, but it adds the whole path to the wikilink. Is there a simple way to return to the original format?

Things I have tried

  • Consistent Attachments - plugin
  • Wikilinks to MDLinks - plugin

What I’m trying to do

Convert Markdown links to Wikilinks without including the entire path.

Notepad++ has a feature of its Search and Replace where you can tick a checkbox in the dialog box, to find and replace the desired string in all files in a specified directory.

I used this feature when I wanted to consolidate all my referenced attachments into one folder. Previously, I had the Obsidian attachments folder and an attachments folder for an imported group of Joplin notes. I was able to successfully consolidate all of my attachments into one folder after using the above Notepad++ feature.

Thanks @looper. It’s been a while since I’ve used notepad++. Can I run that across all the markdown files in my vault? I have 6000+

Hmm, don’t know. Maybe test it on a sub-section of your vault first and progressively scale up if it handles smaller subsets well? I didn’t have very many files to update.

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