Control of parse function for copy-paste operation

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Use case or problem

I’m copy pasting article from Web (Wikipedia) with a lot of links, some formatting and some headers. Behavior of iOs and macOs programs is different. When I copy-paste at desktop - obsidian converts all links and formatting into mark up and obsidian links. I do not like outcome.
When I copy-paste same article at iOs (from Safari) - obsidian do not respect links and markup, and produce almost plain text. I like the outcome more.

Proposed solution

There shall be an option page for copy-paste operations with the following switches:

  • convert headers
  • convert italic/bold formatting
  • convert links
    There will be a possibility to control behaviour of copy paste function and exclude certain elements.

Current workaround (optional)

I like iOs copy-paste function, so I make copies at iPad, and then add some header formatting.

Related feature requests (optional)

There would be great, if image download function will work with copy paste, and there will be another control to enable/disable image downloading.