Continuous chronological feed of the Daily Notes

Would like to see if there could be the “option” (not mandatory but just an option) to choose to have the Daily Notes in one continuous scroll instead of individual notes. Also, the placement of Linked & Unlinked references at the bottom of each Daily Note. (Yes, I know these are like Roam)

Also, would like a summary at the bottom of each Daily Note:

count of words
Count of hashtags by hashtag for each Daily Note



This looks like something a plugin or script could easily do. It would create a new “Daily Notes Index” note with all of the daily notes embedded in it and related metadata.



Just dropping this here to link them, similar topic


Finally someone made it as reported here Note infinite scroll / opening folder of notes - #20 by glassboxed

The Daily Notes Viewer automaticlly, in file called Viewer by default, embed files with YYYY-MM-DD format in the date range that you define.

I have noticed it embed files from all the vault if Daily Note folder setting (core plugin) is left empty

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