Continuing workspace loading problems (1.5.8, 1.5.11)

When the 1.5.8. version came out, I wrote up my experiences in the ‘no love’ thread about Obsidian not liking any of my workspace.json files (I have 3-4 versions under .bak, .backup, etc. versions and I tried them by renaming them to workspace.json, if anyone was wondering).

Today when I installed 1.5.11, I was revisited by the same problem.
I tried deleting the workspace.json as a way to force the app to let me in. No way, Jose. It is stuck there.
I am on Linux, BTW.

I’ve seen only this thread about the issue concerning iOS.

Current workaround seems to be: download 1.5.3 from releases, boot with that with wifi off, disable automatic updates, spend some time in vault and then relaunch with the update and try again.
I will be testing this and maybe will come back to report further on this.

can you continue on your original thread or open a bug report for this?

Reading this I don’t even know what your problem is.

I was entertaining a foolish thought of gathering general experiences here first. – Even my older thread (also in the Help section) did not receive any attention.

When doing a clean install with 1.5.8 or 1.5.11, the Linux debian package installed program won’t let me in. I can hear the YouTube video from the Surfing plugin going on but the progress bar with Workspace Loading is not going away. I tried other workspace.json files and even deleting it.

I mainly wrote this up for others who might experience this and want to work on their files.

Can you post a screen recording of this happening?

Does it happen with appimage?

Thanks for the question but at this point I’d like to do some work (the silent sufferers are probably doing the same). When I’m good and ready, I’ll try to make a bug report.

  • I understand that I need to use no plugins and the default theme, and currently I’m interested in how to make my own setup work.

I’ve been trying with the appimage for the last week or so and was using 1.5.12 last time around.
Created some (pretty long) screen recordings as well.
No use uploading them, though.
Turns out it is my non-default theme that can be causing it because the default theme lets me get trough the loading of the workspace normally.


Well, I was again rash…
Seems like that’s not the problem after all…
Now the default theme was holding me back for a near minute. I had a zero-tabs workspace.

It may be a problem of multiple file properties panels or more possibly backlinks panels (on left and right sidebars), which now reminds me I had issues before 1.5.8 again, probably…

Well, when I have time I’ll do some more investigating…