Contextual F2 rename hotkey

Use case or problem

Currently, when you select the link to an image, for example:
and hit the F2 hotkey for renaming, it still renames the current note. It is really frustrating.

Proposed solution

i think the F2 key should take into account what you have currently selected:

  • having a link to a file selected: renames file, keeping note title the same
  • not having a link to a file selected: renames current note

moreover, i think the rename dialog should have a few disambiguation improvements:

  • instead of just showing “Note title”, show “Rename note ‘Current note name’”
  • instead of just showing “File name”, show “Rename image/pdf/… 'image.png”
  • maybe also show a file/image icon when renaming an image, and a note/pen icon when renaming a note, for more cues what the user is doing. (optional)

this way, it is a lot clearer what you’re actually renaming

Current workaround (optional)

right click image > 'Rename` (have to let go of keyboard and touch mouse, non-ideal)

Related feature requests (optional)

Couldn’t find any that were unlocked or not related to editor-legacy