Contextual backlinks?

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I have been using Obsidian for a while.

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Hello, I am new to Obsidian but can definitely already understand it is the future and appreciate the huge edge it has over Roam. Just one thing I am unsure of. There is a lot of talk about the difference in terms of block-level referencing between the two and will need some help understanding.

Obsidian works at the base level while Roam at the block level, and this allows Roam to provide contextual info when using backlinks. In Obsidian you are not limited to linking basic headers anymore, you can now link both text and blocks (correct?). But how contextual is this backlinking from a knowledge management perspective when compared to Roam? How much context does it provide in Obsidian compared to Roam and what are the main differences between the two in this regard?

Also, Roam is based on an outliner structure. Can you do outlining in Obsidian and how would that affect block-level referencing? Can I reference just one sub-list as if it were a block in Roam?

Overall and finally, how would you say the architecture in both apps shapes knowledge management and thinking when it comes to linking and backlinks?

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Please add your support here Show more context on backlinks and search panes

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You can show more context around backlinks in Obsidian. And if you use outlines, then the backlinks panel will surface sub-items to provide a lot more context.

More info on seeing more context in this Medium post: