Content of open files erased when restarting


I had this happen 2 times now. After restarting Obsidian the files that where open are now empty (0kb). The files exit but are just emptied.

First time was when I choose “Relaunch” from the update menu;
Second time was when my MacOS user session was killed (macOS soft crash)

The files are Stored in iCloud.

Anyone else had this happen?


Obsidion Build v0.9.11 & v0.9.10
macOS version: 10.15.7

Are the files active in another app or device, or synced elsewhere in general?

@UserOfZTTL I really recommend using the bug report template, it helps us a lot to know where to investigate. Could you let us know if you had third-party plugins enabled? There was a bug in the reading time plugin (that I believe has since then been fixed), is it up to date if you are using it?

Thank you! I will do that next time (the template). I think it was the reading plug-in as you have mentioned. I updated it now. Regarding @ryanjamurphy The files where not open anywhere else. I only use one MacBook and use the iCloud sync as direct backup.

Can I close this bug myself?